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Talking about Pepsi makes me want a Coke, but it isn't going to happen. Yeast can damage so many of your body systems, it isn't worth the few minutes of pleasure. pyffer3, I can't believe your GP missed that being a yeast infection. Those are almost textbook areas to have breakouts with yeast. Fruit juice isn't allowed on a yeast diet, either, but if must have something carbonated, try Faygo sparkling water with a little fruit juice in it. Faygo is the only brand I can find w/o sugar or artificial sugars, which are even worse. Google the Whole30 food plan. Unless you need a cookbook, you can find enough info online to get started. Don't Google a Candida diet unless you want to be so restricted you'll drive yourself crazy. Did that one years ago when I really needed to. For now, avoid yeast, wheat, corn, cheese, fermented foods, etc. Ask your Dr about Diflucan.
Anna, it's good that you use a straw. ACV can be hard on the enamel of your teeth so using a straw avoids bathing the teeth in it. Doesn't have to be Bragg's, but it does have to raw and organic.
I used the last of my ACV a few days ago in a detox bath, so it's on my list for tomorrow.

I have been finished with the first stage of the Whole30 plan for several weeks now. I have had some pancakes - something I rarely eat, but craved for some reason while on the diet. They were wheat free, of course. Now I'm having bean soup - the other thing I missed and another thing I rarely have. Now I think I will do another round. I actually enjoyed it after I got over missing my crackers. It was the crunch I missed and celery is crunchy, so it worked. I won't be quite as restrictive this time. If a restaurant puts cheese on my salad, I won't panic. I lost 7.5 pounds in the 30 days and they were the tough ones - the last few. If I go again, I might drop the last 4 that bug me.

Is it permissible go walking w/o the dogs? We have a dog park now and they are loving it. I have missed my walking poles - I think they helped with my midsection and shoulders. Can I take the dogs to the park and then go walking alone w/o feeling guilty? I can't do two walks with all the hardware in my feet. I haven't used the poles in seven years. Wow - time flies. The poles are easier on the knees, too, though my knees are fine - well, almost. Last week my yoga instructor got the bright idea of having us sit on our knees, then lean back into a back bend. Once of that one was enough. I'll leave it for the young ones.

Have a healthy day, everyone.
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