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Thanks girls! I am honored to be your hostess this year. This board is a wonderful daily experience for me and so many of you have also helped with the diabetes auction and taught me so many quilting tips and tricks through the years. How can a gal resist returning kindness back to the board?

The sign up sheet for our Christmas Ornament Swap 2015 includes these Quilting Board members so far. I have decided to use the number beside your name as a reference help during the swap. If you refer to the number beside your name, as well as your name during pm's, that will be a big help to me if this swap gets as big as in past years. Not that I don't "know many of you from past swaps, it is just a tool I am trying out to help organize out swap. OK? Thanks so much!

1.) Dedemac
2.) pbladder
3.) Irene C
4.) Betty J
5.) Cindy 60545
6.) lawsonmugs

Let the fun begin!

If anyone is stuck for inspiration, there are tons of ornament images at pinterest and on google images in search. There are also lots of magazine and quilting sites that offer free patterns like, connecting threads. Don't forget your local craft and quilt stores! I am sure they have tons of crafty goodies to share this time of year.

If you run across an on-line site that has some, let us know by giving a link or a heads up. OK? Thanks so much!
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