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I really think that the EX7 and the DX7 are the same machine. When I talked to the Juki rep earlier today he said that the machines that are in foreign markets and the machines in the US have different model numbers. Since the DX7 is on the Japanese web page but not on the American web page as of yet, it wouldn't surprise me if the US version is called an EX7. Either way exciting things are coming.

Now the Big question is "at what price point?".

Here is another thought, what will the closeout prices be on the F600? If those were priced aggressively that might make a very nice pick indeed.

I have an Amazon price tracker looking at the F600. Even though it sells at many places for $1049, it has dropped below $900 and once in the last year below $800. Think about a low $700 figure on a new F600 and that could turn a person's eye in a hurry.
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