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This email was received at 11:04 pm local time:

"Attached is information concerning the New JUKI DX Line up.

The Price and other Technical information will be released Nov 1st of this year

Elbert Shirley
Customer Service
Juki America Inc.
Home Sewing Division
2920 Highway 17
Canon, GA 30520
Phone: 305-594-0059 Ext 187

On Thu, Oct 29, 2015 at 11:04 AM, wrote:
Elbert, we spoke on the phone this morning. I was calling about the release date on the DX7. I am shopping for a new sewing machine for my wife and I really like what I am reading on the forums about Juki. The HZL-F600 is at the top of the list at this point, but if the DX7 will be released soon, I will wait for that machine. I really wanted to have her a new machine in hand by Christmas.

There is no need to send out any literature. I know that it takes time to make that happen and I can access everything that I need on line. I did want to thank you for making that offer.

I don’t have a Juki dealer within 50 miles of me. While I don’t expect to have any issues with whatever machine I end up with from Juki, warranty issues are resolved by just mailing the machine back to you?

Again, thanks for your help with this Elbert.

Southern Wis with a crazy quilter for a wife"

Weird the response came exactly 12 hours later to the minute from when I sent it. He attached a PDF file on the machine but not sure how to post that here. I tried to do it as an attachment. The file is 4.7 mb and the upload page says that I can upload a max of 5.72. Not sure why it won't work.

Bottom line in just a couple of days we will know the selling price. Cool!

Please, no one get to bent out of shape by the "crazy quilter for a wife" comment. That's an endearing term in my household after 30+ years of marriage.

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