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I made a top from a non-stretchy plain fabric and realized (once I sewed it all up) that it was too small. I had no more of that fabric, so what to do? I took a pretty knit material with a pattern that would match and inserted a strip from cuff to hem on each side. It's decorative and worked like a charm. Here's an example of what I mean...

Another fix...I was sewing another top and discovered that I accidentally cut the sleeves with the seam facing up. (I flipped my pattern piece and didn't notice that I didn't line up fold line). I had no more of that material and even the fabric store had run out of it, so no way to make more sleeves. I could either leave it a sleeveless top or reinvent the sleeves. So I went to the store, grabbed a wide matching ribbon and top-stitched that over the seam, in order to camouflage it. I also ran the ribbon down the side seams to make it look cohesive) Now it looks like I meant to do that. (yeah riiiiiight. LOL)

I had decided to teach myself to sew this summer so I made lotsa boo-boos.
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