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I started turning gray when I got pregnant at the age of 27. It seems my great grandmother did too, because my grandmother kept telling me I should color my hair, she said she never her mother not to have gray hair and my daughters will say the same, So? But my hair grows so fast I would show roots within a week or two and I felt that looked worse than any gray hair. Since my DH didn't care, neither do I. Every so often y SIL would tell me I should do it and look younger. Since I was over 21 and married and my DH loved me just the way I am, then why care? I was 49 when I went thru chemo and my hair fell out (twice) and when it came back it was super soft and curly and a lot more gray. I keep my hair short now, it still is fairly soft - 10 years later, so have not considered coloring it.
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