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Originally Posted by Macybaby View Post
That looks like a typical belt if it had a motor. Does not belong if you are going to use it in a treadle base. It's real easy to put a motor or hand crank on these machines - or take them off and put the machine in a treadle cabinet.

I have a 127 with that decal pattern, and a couple of 15-30's with other decal patterns.
I absolutely want to keep it as a treadle. I have wanted one for years. My mother's got burned up in a fire. My sister had it and she was 8 months pregnant. They just got out with their lives. I have looked and looked. There was one for sale here for $2,300. This one was listed as $175 which would have been a steal as all the other ones I looked at were quite trashed - head and cabinet, and they were wanting $300+ for them. Since the bobbin winder rubber was rotted, she came down $25. I am very pleased with it. The cabinet is beautiful and the wheel etc. moves like butter.
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