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I have two embroidery machines, a treadle and am the original owner of a Pfaff 262, but I HAD TO HAVE the 130. A 50 year Pfaff dealer in San Antonio serviced my Pfaff 262, and out of the blue asked him about the 130, if he ever sees any, etc. He said he has one in the lab, that needs rewiring, servicing. After doing such, he would sell it to me for $150. I jumped on that one! That was about four years ago, and it is my GO TO machine. I found a cute Pfaff cabinet for it at Goodwill for $15, and the cut and oval opening to reach the bobbin inside the door are perfect. I love to FMQ on it because it is so heavy and steady. Pretty much same for my Pfaff 262. I love the way the 130 sews.
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