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You have an early Davis Minnesota A before they put the A in Minnesota. This is a Davis Model E, Underfeed. Davis was located in Dayton, Ohio at this time and this machine was made for Sears mail order. The A was the top of the line Sears model and would have sold for roughly $18.

Davis needles, bobbins, and shuttles are unique to Davis. The original needles were called Davis long. One popular needle brand name was "Boye" with the number 10 on the cap. The needles are close to 2" long with a flat on one side. Always best to verify dimensions on Boye tubes as sometimes the contents get mixed up. Ebay is a good place to find them.

The serial number 973011 dates to late 1901 or early 1902. Davis dating records do not exist and this estimate is from original warranty certificates. Davis started making machines for Sears right around 1900 and on a much more limited scale until the late Teens or early Twenties. Davis went belly up in 1924 due to bankruptcy.

Link to similar owners manual:


Enjoy, you have a great piece of family history.

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