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Pat, how did the shot work for you? We are waiting on insurance approval for Orthovisc shots in both knees. I am too heavy for a replacement but they hurt too much to do much walking or standing.

Leighway, have you tried any of the Hyaluronic Acid shot type things? It is a series of 3 - 4 shots one week apart and is supposed to help for about 6 months. This is what I am going to try as soon as I get word back from insurance. My knees have been awful. I went shopping with a friend and was on my feet for 2 hours and then basically for the next week I was in such pain that my Physical Therapist (for my foot) had me cancel the rest of my appointments until I got the knees looked at. I couldn't do any of my exercises for the pain.
I got a "permanent" handicap placard on Monday for the bad days.

My newest Grandson, Caleb Austin, was born May 29th. I am now Grandma to 4 precious babies. I am so blessed!!!!
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