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I had the shots in my knee for almost 4 years. They worked pretty well until the end then they suddenly quit working. At first they worked really well for 6 months or more and slowly worked less well and for a shorter period of time. They work for some people and not for others. I had the shots where you get the series of 3 a week apart and also the Syndics one shot which is only one shot. Both seemed to work about the same, the syndics one was a little bit more painful to get but it was only once so I preferred it. I also take glucosamine that seems to help some and turmeric with black pepper daily. Turmeric is supposed to help with the inflamation. They seem to help. I have a Dr appt on Friday for my one year checkup of my replacement of my right knee. The left one was bothering me before my accident at spinning class. What has me upset the most is the right one is still a little bit sore in one spot and it was basically pain free except for stiffness in the morning or when sitting too long. I hope I didn't damage anything in it as I have worked way too hard to get it where it is.
I went to spinning class tonight and took it somewhat easy. Both knees feel a little bit sore, especially the left one. I will see how they feel tomorrow. I figured I should see how it went before going to the dr. I only rode 16.5 miles tonight.I hope I can walk in the morning.
I had way too many goodies over the weekend.
Good luck everyone.
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