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Originally Posted by JudeWill
And I'm going to the experts for the answers. :-D The more I read the quilting mags, the more questions I have; and also surfing the sites. I ran across 'leader fabric' on a store site. What is that? And what is Baltimore appliqué? How is it different from regular appliqué? Lastly, what is the 'ladder stitch?' In the latest issue of Am. Patchwork & Quilting, someone said she uses the ladder stitch for hand appliqué, and is almost invisible. Can someone tell me what that is? :?: And thanks in advance for your help! ;)
I can't answer all your questions but have a guess on the Baltimore applique'. I've seen a few of these quilts and they are distinguished by their very intricate applique'. See this link for an example:
The last one I saw, in the Lowell, MA, quilt museum was king size. It looked like someone spent an entire lifetime making it, it is so detailed!

Hope you get feedback on your other questions. I'd like to know too!
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