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Hi, Patricia,

Thanks so much for the response! I have a call out to my nearest Juki dealer to check on trade-in values. There are some upgrades between the F series and the DX series (I think Juki's intention is to basically replace the F series with the DX series). The float function is new on the DX series, along with a few other things.

I also have a TL2010, but almost always prefer my F400 instead. I agree with you that the harp size is better on the TL2010, but the feet for the TL2010 are expensive and I've also never gotten the automatic threader to work. I'm thinking of including my TL2010 with the trade-in value to up the ante a little. I hate to give up that machine, but I so rarely use it..... Other than the better harp size, are you still glad to own the TL?

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