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Hi Asabriano! Let us know when you hear from Juki. As far as I'm concerned, I'm keeping my TL2010Q. It is such a sturdy machine. The harp is 54 square inches, and for me that's important. Also, if something goes wrong with my DX-7, the TL2010Q would serve as a back-up for piecing. I'm a bit nervous about computerized machines, since the DX-7 is my first.

About the feet for the TL2010Q, I bought a Sharon Schamber foot (non-hopping), and modified one of the quilting feet which came with the machine. The walking foot works very well.

I'm in Canada, and bought my DX-7 from a dealer in Montreal. I paid the equivalent of $1,235.00 U.S. I don't know, but this information may be useful when negotiating a price with your dealer. I bought an open-toe quilting foot separately, as this foot was not included with the machine.

Also, I was told that the DX2000QVP would not be available in Canada. So I went for the DX-7.

I'll be looking forward with great interest to the outcome of your endeavors. Good luck!
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