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Originally Posted by notmorecraft View Post
To me $400 works out at $100 per year $2 a week if you've used it every week I would say machine owes you nothing, if it can be fixed for the $129 I would pay it but keep it as a backup machine and start looking for a new one. That's if you can afford to do that. If you can't afford another it's up to you to decide how much you pay to repair.
Thank-you for your response. Yes indeed it has been a work horse and used quite a bit. For the first 6 months of its purchase, when I was out of work, I used it on average 10 hours a day. For the past 3 years since then , I have been working 60 hours a week so I found myself using it about an hour a day each morning in the wee hours and about 8 hours on the weekend. I have gotten my monies worth out of it.
A new and different machine will be plan B if plan A turns out to be anymore than $150 total repair price. I have been thinking about the new jazz and possibly a small grace frame .
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