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Originally Posted by mkc View Post
The light blue SE has the quick-set bobbin needle plate, 3 hole/position straight-stitch needle plate which makes 1/4" piecing easier, a new buttonhole foot, and I think a different spool holder.

The new straight-stitch plate is NOT backwards-compatible with the older 8900.

My Elna has the same needle plates and piecing stitches and I LOVE it for piecing.

(note - early on there was a red-faced 8900 that was either called a Special Edition or a Limited Edition. That's the one that's just cosmetically different from the standard 8900. The light blue one is an improved version)
Good to know this! I used my current machine and my seam is always 1/8" to 1/16" off, haha! Now I know the plate can make a difference! Of course my 1/4 foot wobbles so that might be the reason too, that's why I'm thinking of upgrading it.
I compared the manuals and it looks like the regular one has the 2-hole straight stitch plate while the SE model has the 3-hole one. Sorry a stupid question: when you say "3 hole straight stitch plate" makes piecing easier, do you mean just the "straight stitch" plate is important or it has to be the 3-hole straight stitch plate? (Obviously I don't know their difference,
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