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Default 5-Minute Quilt Block

I have watched Suzanne McNeill's video, the 5-Minute Quilt Block, several times. The blocks appear to be 5"X10" and they all seem to be the same size. However, the "triangle" that is formed (when the three pieces are sewn together as instructed) seems to be a bit shorter when opened up. I found one video that said one should cut the block that forms the triangle 5 1/4" X 10" to compensate for the problem. MY problem is that I want to use the Jolly Bar (available, evidently, only at Fat Quarter Shop) rectangles to make a quilt using the 5-Minute Quilt Block method because they are pre-cut to 5"X10". SO, since it appears that McNeill can make this work out with rectangles cut the same size, this is my question: Can I make the 5"X10" Jolly Bar rectangles work?

Thanks for any advice!
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