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I have to use our dining table for my sewing machine so I have to put everything away at meal time, not ideal but it works. I made an ironing board per Jenny Doan's instructions, very simple, that fits on one of the counter tops as does my cutting mat, alternating those two. What works best for me is to plan the project I want to work on and do the main cutting at home. Make my own kits, essentially. This year I signed up for a block of the month project at a LQS which I thought would be great for the MH. It is 6 1/2 blocks and very scrappy but I don't have to try to find the right fabrics on my own or try to bring them with me. Also, I've discovered that I really enjoy hand embroidery, especially Crab Apple Hill designs, so that works perfectly. Where we stay, the weather is not good for quilting outside, either, so not an option for me. Although, it is a perfect place for other outdoor time, so sometimes I don't sew as much as I think I will. Good Luck on your winter adventure!
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