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Default Playing with attachments

I figured this is a great place to post about playing around with attachments.

I aquired my first treadle machine early last month. I am getting the hang of it so I thought I would play with some attachments tonight. I have a 1891 Singer VS2 with the complete puzzle box, style #7. I also have a Singer short shank buttonholer for my Featherweight. I tried the buttonholer on the VS2 tonight, and it was just so cool! I just treadled my way to a perfect buttonhole. That was so darn fun, I pulled out the ruffler. After a little bit of adjusting I ended up with the perfect ruffle. Paging through the attachment manual, I saw I could put the shirring plate under the ruffler and that worked out really cool as well. I have the tucker too but I didn't feel like getting the iron out. These attachments are just a bunch of little jewels. 126 years old and they work as well as the first day.

By the way, I have the original manuals for both the VS2 and the Attachments Style#7. Both booklets are yellowed and becoming quite fragile, so I scanned them and then printed copies for my own use. Anyone who is interested in copies may PM me with their email and I will send them. I do understand that there are people out there selling these manuals so I would really appreciate it if you didn't resell them. I feel that I have a wonderful archive and do not mind sharing it with people who have the same interests in people-powered sewing machines.
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