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I fairly recently discovered the buttonholer is an older invention than I though, at least a decade or two before 1900. I knew there were all kinds of sewing machines invented well before 1900, overlockers, embroidery, hole-card technology, but the domestic attachments were not behind at all. So far I have never needed a ruffle, but I have tried both the ruffler and tucker. I now and then use the binding feet, the flat felling foot, zipper foot and darning foot. I have two buttonholers and they are the challenges with have in 2017. I can't say I am overjoyed with all the zigzag attachments, but I like the Swiss zigzagger I have for my 201.

I so want a VS2 with roses and flowers LOL, but I don't dare say it out loud My oldest machine is 1934 so not nearly as old as yours.
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