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A vacation must is California. I am lucky to live in the middle of the state..the state is very long 8 hours drive to the north border and 7 hours to the south border.

If you come in the spring you would be able to see and array of blossoms from Almonds, peaches, apples, cherries, plums and many other. Come in April enjoy local strawberries, May - Oct enjoy all the fruits that bloomed in the spring and all kinds of grapes and vegetables. Best place to buy these delicious fruits are at the roadside stands of which there are many.

20 minute drive take you to It is a LQS. it has a show room upstairs that feature local quilters. In one corner of the store jeans are cut into strips and made into rugs by retired men who volunteer. On Monday morning local women come and hand quilt on a frame in the store. It is an arm of a nonprofit Mennonite Central Committee that does relief work around the world.

A few hrs drive East are the Giant Redwood trees, my home town of Sanger is the National Christmas tree city..every Christmas a wreath is placed at General Grant tree in honor of the fallen solders.

A few hours North and you are at Yosemite National Park, the falls are best in Spring and Summer. Three hours West and you are at the Pacific Ocean, beautiful beaches. Three hours SE and you would be in Mojave Dessert.

30 minute drive takes you to Old town Clovis. Quilters' Paradise is just that and Clovis has many antique stores, first week in April is the famous Rodeo.

10 minute drive on Hwy 180 takes you to School House Restaurant, an old school remodeled into a quaint eating place among the orchards.

Fresno is home to one of the largest Hmong community, they hold a week long celebration starting December 26, people come from all over for this great cultural feast.

Of course, we also have the rivers, lakes, beautiful mountains.
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