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The K only stands for the Kilbowie factory in Scotland. I have discoverd there are several versions and minor differences. For some reason it looksl ike treadle and hand crank were more common for a much longer time in Europe than in the US. I'm not sure why. I keep bumping into hand crank 99s with serial numbers dating them well into the 50s, less so with the 201s, but at least as long as the cast iron production kept up. There are much fewer 201K2s over here, the most common is the belt driven version.

There are two types of chromed plates on these, the later one is pin-striped sort of, and there are at least two different gold decal patterns, maybe three. There are variants to the base of the spool pins too, but doesn't seem to have been given special subnumbers (The part number of the body might differ?)

The black cast iron 201s were taken over by a third version in cast aluminiun at the UK factory, given the number 201K23, and with a new exterior design. My 1955 is an all beige version of this one, but the most common is seems to be a beige-brown color combination. The early aluminium production was all black with chrome details, these turn up but not as often as the beige.

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