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Originally Posted by J3General View Post
@Mickey2 - my understanding is that hand cranks were more popular in Europe because rooms in homes were smaller on average and a hand crank does not take up as much room as a treadle.

@SusieQOH - I have four hand cranks (1 28K, 2 127's, and 1 128) and find them about as easy as an electric to sew on - just not as fast. In fact, I prefer an 'hc' for precise, slow speed, ss sewing - the stitches on mine are very pretty. I plan on teaching my five young granddaughters to sew on them (and then gifting them one each as well as an electric if they progress in their skills). An 'hc' appears safer than an electric for young fingers!
Very interesting!!! Thanks for the lesson- that's one style I knew nothing about.
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