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The are some early all metal touch and sew, with out the riveted belt. I'm not totally against drivebelts and plastic gears, because some of my absolute favorite zigzaggers have them. A broken gear and timing belt are worth replace, at least when the machine looks like your, almost new. New replacement gears are of good quality and they last a long time. T&S have a bad reputation, but a lot of it has to do with getting to know the fancy bobbin functions, the golden touch and sew had the dial stitch selectors that was meant to make eveything very easy, and they have double cams and stretchy stitches. When they come at a good price and in good condition they might be worth it. In my book all metal gears and rods are a major pluss, and I'm willing to put quite a bit of time and effort to sort them out, less so with not that good engineering. Replacing a gear and timing belt is an easy job on some models, some are more tricky.
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