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Default Juki's HZL-DX7 versus DX-2000QVP

Hi there

A local store in my area was advertising the HZL-DX7 machine a couple of weeks ago in their newsletter and I because after reviewing opinions that I got from online I decided I liked all the features it had on it and decided to go to their store to look at it. They didn't have it in stock. BUT, They introduced me to the DX-2000QVP which essentially is the same machine so I ended up buying that one. I'm still learning how to use it but so far I love love love it. It's very versitile and can sew through leather material if you ever have to sew on heavy material, including layers needed to sew a quilt together.

So since the HZL-DX7 is the same machine (looked like it to me anyway), I'm sure you are liking it alot too! Let us know. Thanks, cher

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