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Jewelry - Yes - I wear silver/pewter color more than gold
Pierced - Ears yes 1 hole in each ear - I like the earrings on wires the best
Decorate a tree - Yes I do, I have 3 - one all Disney, one all Peanuts/Snoopy, and then the family tree. Working on getting enough ornaments for a Harry Potter tree. I preorder all the new ones and am starting to find the older ones on ebay.
Potholders or Towels - Potholders or Towels, use both
Table Toppers or Runners - both - Kitchen table is round, dining is oblong
FQs 1/4 1/2 yards - Doesn't really matter
Use Flannel - No
Notions - I could use some
Special Soaps of Lotions - I have to be careful due to allergies - LUSH stuff is always ok, love their bubble bars and bath bombs
Microwaveable Bowls - Never tried one
Nice Homemade Things - Yes
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