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Default Valentine Candy Block

This tutorial will show you how I made the 12" finished Valentine Candy Block from this thread:

28 - 2.5" squares in different fabrics
4 - 3.0" squares in different fabrics
4 - 3.0" squares of background fabric
1 - 4.5" square of background fabric

Draw a grid on foamcore board as shown and use for placement of the fabrics... Pictures 1 and 2

Make four half-square triangles using a 3.0" square of a scrap fabric and a 3.0" square of background fabric. Picture 3 shows the method I used. This will give you two identical half-square triangles that are 2.5" unfinished. I make sure that those two identical half-square triangles are put into two different blocks so there will be no repeat fabrics in the block.

Sew the 2.5" squares together in rows, then sew the rows together as shown on the placement board. TIP: Take a cellphone photo of your layout before you start to sew. Refer to the photo when sewing the squares together in case they get out of order.

The unfinished block should measure 12.5"

I hope you enjoy this block and will post a picture of a quilt that you make using these directions. I'm currently working on another quilt with a different layout that uses four of these blocks. I'll post a picture when I finish it.
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