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Originally Posted by quiltedsunshine View Post
Yes, a 15 class bobbin will hold more than a standard rotary bobbin, featherweight bobbin, 66 class bobbin. But I think a White Rotary will hold more, and a Bernina 7 Series machine will hold 75% more than the 15 class bobbin. M class bobbins hold about the same as a Bernina 7 Series bobbin. Don't have any charts with measurements, but I'm a sewing machine tech, and work with all kinds of bobbins.
Just a reminder...only use the bobbins that were intended for your machine.
See, now, I knew some one here would know this info. And of course, the type of thread would make a difference, that's why I said, "Comparatively."

The reason I was thinking about this is that if one had 2 different machines to use for, say, FMQ, the type of bobbin, and therefore the amount of thread it holds, could be a deciding factor. So, I will try one of my 15 class bobbin machines instead of one that uses the 66 class bobbins. That way, I won't have to run out of bobbin thread as much. Its too bad that new Lydia uses 66's.
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