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Originally Posted by themadpatter View Post
Is it as strong as Bottom Line? Forever, in this instance, is a good thing, right?
Not sure yet, I've only had it a month. While visiting the Superior booth in Houston, I checked out all their colors of Microquilter, and one of the cones said it was 2-ply poly. Bottom Line is 3-ply. I looked at all the other cones of Micro and that was the only cone that said 2-ply. I was going to ask Bob Purcell about it, but some woman was there chewing his ear off and showing him pictures of her grandkids. I must have waited 10 minutes to ask him! She just kept blabbing on, totally ignoring me, telling him her life story. He looked like he wanted to be anywhere else. I finally put it down and walked away.

I did take that bobbin of Microquilter I wound to an applique class. It blended into the fabrics beautifully, despite the fact that it was cream and I was appliqueing green and blue fabrics.

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