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Originally Posted by kariboo View Post
the Good - my pkg arrived today. Yeah !
The Bad - box was damaged or opened.. hole on side, not sure if anything is missing, and there is a lot of room in the box, can see a book. so we know there's a book..lol I love books. (GRIN). So, should i open the box to check or just wait till the 10th..
Not that I'd know if anything is missing - but she will know when I post the photo.. what would you do open it or wait ?
Wow! Canít believe how badly damaged that box is! So sorry.
This is the first that Iíve seen the photo and it looks like it took quite a hit!
As I told you, Iíve ordered replacements of the missing items so you will be
receiving another box soon. Hopefully it will arrive in one piece without holes!
Hugs... Dona 🎄🎄
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