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Originally Posted by klswift View Post
The 2 things I have said to students too many times to count are 1) absolutely learn to perfect your 1/4" seams, and 2) it is your quilt, make it your way! Want to use a variety of fabrics - go for it, want to use different backgrounds, borders, no borders, odd size blocks, whatever - GO FOR IT! Along the way you will learn what works and doesn't work and what you like and don't like. But, other than entering it in a show, there are no rules (exception is the 1/4" seam which if not done correctly will cause you lots of headaches). The quilt police will not come to your house and whomever receives the quilt will not (shouldn't!) be looking it over for any unintended 'design elements'. HAVE FUN!
Great advice - I love it!
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