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Default question about quilt patterns and pattern names

Hi Friends,

My question is, is there any such thing as standardized quilt patterns?

I've been looking at photos of quilts on the internet. But for example, among all the quilts I've seen with a pattern called either wedding ring or double wedding ring, there is a lot of variation.

Like for example, of course each ring is made of many smaller pieces. But I've seen some which have something like 20 little pieces, while others have up to 48 (not counting the circle intersections).

And the place where the circles intersect is often what I would call a 4 patch (one square made up of 4 squares). But really a true circle can't have 4 flat places. Some of these quilts seem to use something more like rounded rectangles, rather than true circles, and that's how those quilts accomodate the flat places.

But then I've seen other quilts where the intersection is correct for true circles, and I would describe the shape of those intersections as 4 slightly warped diamonds (pointing outward), which appear to almost be shield shaped. And they don't share any sides like the 4 patch - they only meet at the bottom tip of the shield. (I can show examples, if you need it.)

So, I guess if you're making a quilt for yourself, you can make it any way you want. But I wonder if there's any such thing as standardized patterns? I wonder if there might be some quilting organization which maintains standard pattern definitions?

Like for example, to be able to call your quilt pattern by a certain name, does it have to contain specific elements? Or like if you enter a quilt in a contest or competition, do they sometimes give a strict definition for how the pattern has to be made?

Or are new and unique variations of patterns, considered to be more imporant or desirable, than containing standard elements?

Thank you very much for your patience with me. I still would appreciate any comments, if anyone can help me to understand about quilt patterns and names.

All best,

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