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Originally Posted by Tothill View Post
Have you checked if she still is interested in quilting?

Challenges I see:
Prepping fabric - washing, folding, ironing, starching. 1. Cutting the fabric into smaller pieces simplifies this part. Ironing can be easier if you turn the board around so she works on straight sides.
Cutting fabric - scissors or rotary cutter, 2. You can offer to trade a skill she still has for doing her fabric cuttiig.
Matching seams - How can this be managed? 3. Binder clips can be used instead.
Pinning - I could not manage this one handed.
Sewing - is her machine an old one where you have to nudge the flywheel to get started?
Quilt sandwich
Quilting - this could be possible if she has a LAM and someone loads the quilt for her or she quilts by cheque.

Perhaps there are other ways she can participate in quilting, if she wants too.
Just my thoughts...good luck to her and tell her,”Where there is a will, there is a way.” Hugs.
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