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My granddaughters started sewing at 4. I purchased an inexpensive Brother machine at Walmart ($89) the reason for that machine was because it had speed control ( important feature for kids) I set the machine up on their little round care bear table- table & chairs just their size.
I didn’t stress over seam width, or anything like that. They could cut fabric with scissors. I ironed for them. My youngest granddaughter wanted to make a quilt for her daddy when he was being deployed, didn’t want him to forget her ( she had just turned 4) I printed 2 pictures onto fabric for her, him holding her, her arms wrapped around his neck- big smiles. I let her rummage through fabrics on the shelves, she picked out what she wanted, laid everything out on the floor, sewed it all together with the picture block in the middle. Some seams were 1” wide, some were wavy, but she got it all together the way she wanted it. ( the second picture I used to make her a hot pack pillow, so she could warm it up & take it to bed with her— warm hugs from daddy)
after she finished her quilt top we turned a tall dresser on its side in front of the longarm & she quilted the quilt herself- walking back & forth on that dresser. Then she folded backing to front & stitched her ( binding) she really wanted it to be just from her. 13 years later it is still his favorite quilt- it has traveled around the world and she still has her pillow on her bed. All 3 granddaughters loved to sew and were adventurous, I just let them. Only rules, can’t just cut up Fabric and not use it and no ironing Or rotary cutter until they were much older (16-18)
they have become quite good seamstresses, they make purses, clothes, toys....only a quilt for special gifts they like making other stuff.
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