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Default Trapunto and applique question

My understanding of Trapunto is that you add extra batting to give areas of increased loft on a quilt. I watched the Man Sewing video on using Trapunto on a panel. That bit I understand.

But if I want to use Trapunto and applique in the same quilt, and enhance the applique with the Trapunto, do I fuse the applique, then use the man sewing technique and sew the applique down when I do the quilting?

This has confused me. I see examples of blocks where the applique is stitched down before the top is quilted.

I bought a lovely applique wall hanging kit, and although it does not mention Trapunto, it would look great with it. But I can see that I would have a lot of thread in an area if I stitched the extra batting and stitched the applique, then did the final quilting.

Am I making any sense?

Which is the best order of stitching when doing both applique and Trapunto in a quilt?
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