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There are soooo many sampler quilts out there, some free designs. Even if you want to design your own, do a google image search on "sampler quilt" and make notes on the elements you like and dislike. There are many different types of sampler quilts.

just grabbing a few images at random ....

Some sampler quilts have various blocks that have similarities in design and/or color - each block is the same size with or without sashing, some set straight and some on point. Sometimes there is one large center block with smaller blocks surrounding. straight-no-sashing.pngpoint-sashing.jpg

Other sampler quilts have a mish-mash of block types and sizes (including long rectangular blocks). These sampler quilts *typically* share the same background fabric to give the illusion the blocks are all floating on the same background and the blocks typically have color/fabric in common throughout. For example ... a dozen shades of blues with white on a white background.


And then there are sampler quilts that have a common theme ....


Lastly ... there is the mother-of-all sampler quilts ... the Jane Stickle quilt, aka "Dear Jane". You can buy this pattern, along with the software to help you design and make the quilt.


So ... what kind of sampler quilt did you have in mind??
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