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Hello Everyone ... OK, so what happened?
I swear I left a message on here on Friday. Where did it go?
Surely it did not get edited out like my original post?

Meanwhile, I got sidetracked on the weekend.
Part of that was following the links and playing on paper. Not ready for fabric yet!

Thanks Everyone for your suggestions/links. They have been quite helpful.
Feline Fanatic ... exactly what I was looking for!
DogHouseMom ... You swayed me there with that make-my-own possibility, because of the tidier look than with all the seams one gets in the other. But am I up for it?
Rebecca_S ... Always good to have more options. Thanks for the word suggestions for google. I know it's a matter of coming up with the right combo for Google, to find what one wants. Sometimes I miss the right words!

I want to play with it more on paper for a while before anything will happen with fabric!

If anyone has any more ideas .... always welcome!
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