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Default Quilted offcuts and practise pieces

What do you do with the offcuts/trimmings when the quilt has been square and trimmed ready for binding. Some areas are quilted, others not but have the quilting motif markings, some are still attached to the batting via spray baste, other pieces with fused batting. I have a weighty bag full of the stuff.

If the top fabric hasnít been quilted or fused, I sometimes pull it apart, hand wash it before it goes in my scrap bin for scrappy quilts. It seems such a waste to throw it away especially the batting. (I donít make toys or smaller projects to use it as stuffing). All the batting is cotton and 95% of the scrap fabric is 100% cotton with the other 5% polycotton.

There are also a number of 12 inch quilt sandwich squares that I have used to practise FMQ and do tension testing on a HQ Sweet 16.

Any ideas?

Hetty B
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