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How is the #14 different from what you are looking for?

Edit: I should add that my preferred stitch (for invisible machine applique) is the blind hem stitch. This stitch has about 3 stitches going forward, then a single zig out to the side, etc. On my Bernina 1230 I flip this so the zig goes to the left. Both forward stitch length and zig width are adjustable, so that is how I get it to be as small as I want.

Again, on my Bernina, the blanket stitch is the same as the one I am seeing on the Pfaff. When I used this stitch for applique, I reversed it and adjusted both the forward stitch length and the stitch width of the zag to get the look I wanted. (I usually used 2 threads through the needle to make the black blanket stitch thicker.)

Maybe you are looking for a blanket stitch that has more than one stitch going forward? It may be that some machines do that, but not sure about the more vintage machines such as mine.

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