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Thanks for posting such a thorough review! I have sometimes wondered if I should have purchased a Sizzix instead of my manual Accuquilt Go! I have heard raves about the electric Go Big! If I ever develop physical issues that make cranking difficult, I will have my reason to get one.

I will mention that some of my Accuquilt dies are not perfect. Some will leave a thread or two uncut where the metal die ends meet. I can't remember which one now, but one of my dies did seem to get threads stuck. And my older dies do not have the 2-color foam. However, I still love my Go! In my case it was not love at first sight; took me awhile to get used to it. Helped a lot when I realized I did not have to pre-cut all of the fabric (the way most Youtube demos show). Now I just let excess fabric run under the roller and trail behind. Wish I had known I could do that when I first got it!
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