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Originally Posted by Lianys View Post
Helenet, i ll b happy to share with you my manual, but is not instructions. Yet is the closest i have found
Lianys - Cari is right that this is an very old thread and highly unlikely that you will get a response from any of them.

Your 191D service manual is for the industrial 191D. There seem to be some similarities but the most striking would be the stitch length indicator that you are looking for.

There appears to be several other 191s as I have found references to the following with their country of manufacture.
191B France
191J Canada
191K Scotland
191M Italy
191R Mexico
191U Japan

If you go to Instruction Manuals | Singer Sewing and search for just "191" (without the quotation marks), there should be a manual for a 191K that you can download. It is a picture only instruction manual. I'm guessing since it was made in so many countries they made the manual so no matter what language the same one could be used. If you put "115" in the search box there is a manual that the machine body is shaped differently, but between the pictures of the 191 and the words of the 115 you should be able to use them for the 191J and other 191s. I'm not sure if there are written out instruction manuals to buy at and

According to the domestic 191s were made from 1957 to 1962.

Yes, pictures can be posted here as can be seen above your posts. There is a size limit. They load faster and are easier if they are approximately 600x800 pixels.

I just realized that the stitch length regulator on the 191R at ismacs is different from the others (rectangular rather than circular).

Something to remember about ebay is that asking price (Buy It Now) and what they actually sell (if they do sell) for are frequently different.

Hopefully this has been some help to you and others looking for information on the Singer 191.

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