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[QUOTE=IrishMom;8035855]So a month ago I posted about looking for a sewing machine and received great tips and advice in going out and looking for a machine. To recap -- I use my machine 95% of the time for quilting, I wanted a wider opening for quilting, an up/down needle, and if possible an extension table. From those comments I did have a reality check and upped what I would be willing to pay.

My local sewing shop which has such great people and free lessons has three different options for me. The one I am drooling over has more than I wanted on it, but it has such good reviews -- it is the Janome 6600. He is offering a used one to me for $899. It does have some blemishes on it by the plate.

The other used one he had was the Pfaff Quilter's Expression 2046 for $799. The reviews for this one have also been outstanding.

My third option doesn't have all that I want but it would be a good solid machine that I would be buying new. An Elna Expression 520 ($599) or the 540 ($799). It is now made by Janome but is a solid sewing machine instead of a quilting machine.

My main concern with the used machines are the computerized boards and their life span.

Yesterday was more of a walkthrough of what was available, he was working on one of them so next week I'll be able to test drive. Any additional help and advice would be appreciated. Thank You![/QUOTE

I really would not let concerns re: computer boards keep me from getting the one that I wanted! I have one that is nearing 20 years old, and have not had one second of trouble with it (altho I am religious about routine maintenance).....Ask him about some type of warranty (my shop provides 6 months warranty on used machines they sell).............Good luck with your decision, and ENJOY whichever machine you ultimately purchase.
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