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Originally Posted by TheMerkleFamily View Post
These are so fun & sassy! From your last post I wandered around online interested in the pattern/ruler and found reference to both a 9 & 10 degree options.. And the current 10 degree ruler comes in two pieces so as to be able to travel easier (I guess the original was 24-25" long?)
My 10 degree is 22 1/2" long. Numbered to 25, but it starts at 3. A 9 d makes a slightly smaller runner, but I don't think by much. Any other reason to have one? Christmas tree skirts, for one. I think it would make a nice Dresdan Plate, too. Have you seen her book, Quilts Without Corners? I would not like my basic ruler in two pieces. I do have the extender for mine in case I get brave enough to try one of the round quilts.
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