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Thank you, Anael! The trapunto effect will occur when you sandwich the quilt,which means the applique pieces will have 2 layers of loft. When quilting, you sew around the applique pieces just at the edge of the applique to give distinction. Plus, I counter the stiffness of the stabilizer by cutting out the center's before I fuse. Doesn't have to pretty, just snip away as much stabilizer as you can. Another words, cut your shape, then cut the center out of the shape leaving 1/4" edge that is fused to fabric. I do this on all large applique pieces. The smaller ones will still poof out when you quilt around them as I've shared. Does that make sense? I learned to do this thru Judy Madsen since, for me, the only drawback to appliquick method was the stiffness of stabilizer..hence stiffness in quilt top. Hope this helps...
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