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Originally Posted by gale View Post
If I was going to make my top fit the mat, I would only be interested in Martelli. I don't like fiskars or olfa mats after using the Martelli. And the nearest sized Martelli is narrower than my cutting table's base so that wouldn't be an option. I was hoping someone has actually used either the rhino mat or the magic mat.
I have the Rhino mat and love it. DH bought it for me for Christmas last year. I cut lots and lots of long strips and tend to cut in the same area all the time because of the lighting and so far there's no cuts in the mat. It's the 3x6' size. It feels different to cut on than the Olfa or others I've had, feels so smooth I had to get use to it cause it didn't feel like I was actually cutting through the fabrics. I put a piece of double stick tape under each corner so it stays put.
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