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I would use almost any design that is swirly, or cloud looking or maybe even waves. If you search for Pantographs for long arms and go to some of the sites, the options are endless. Because there are so many seams in a log cabin, I prefer a pattern that doesn't leave a lot of open space.....3 or more inches with no quilting in it. It's amazing how much stress is put on a quilt seam when you are moving it or pulling it up in the bed. That's where I find my seams have broken. These are just a couple of websites that I like. There are more.

I wouldn't do anything that had straight lines in it. It's amazing how you can make your piecing look terrible by trying to do ruler lines. Nice, gentle, not too far apart, but not too close either. I do like the idea of following a theme of some fabrics in the quilt.
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