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Default Tee shirt quilts

I have made many tee shirt quilts over the last few years, so now I want to change things up a little. I am starting a tee shirt quilt using a drop shadow pattern I made, Hope this works, I am excited to get my fabrics on this one, it is a mans quilt so I am thinking black for shadow part, blue grunge,taupe and I found a fabric with some feathers that was kind of masculine, that had blues and taupe,tan and creams.The shirts are blues, tans, creams with black writing. Next I want to do a BQ2 using tee shirts, this one I am a little timid on, I love the BQ2 pattern.But I don't want it to be super busy. My thoughts were, it may be interesting and pleasing to the eye. The shirts are mostly white, red or gray.There is a odd ball or 2. I was thinking about using red and white( maybe a grunge white that has a little gray stroke) as my 2 fabrics.Not settled on fabric for this one yet, I kind of want a tone on tone red,still not sure. Without seeing this what do you all think? As I said I do want it to be pleasing to the eye.
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