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Unhappy Selling quilts for what there worth?

Hi I sell most of my quilts, I do small ones the biggest Iíve made was a queen sized puff quilt for my uncle, I only did one and need help with it, I sell my quilts to help me mack a few dollars exra, I sell my throw size for 60, but Iím thinking of trying to sell for more, but when Iíve tried that, people wonít buy them, I tack a lot of time with my quilts, but people donít want to pay me, I made a twin size quilt, I tried to sell for 140, I was told to my face that was to much money for a quilt, the fabric alone cost close to 100 not costing putting it all together, it took me mounts, to do, my dad told me to stop making them, because I canít sell them for what there worth, I made one the other day for a lady, she gave me the fabric for it, I got it to her, she didnít pay me, guys I just donít know, how can I get people to understand how much work goes into my quilts, I do strip, and block quilts, please help
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