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Originally Posted by Shibori
I haven't had this for very long, what needles should I buy? it's exclusively on the long arm machine.
I used Organ Needles, primarily size 16, when I used my Juki on my quilting frame. I actually had two Juki 98E's, one that I used to sew with, and the other stayed on the quilting frame. I also added a stitch regulator as well as both front and back handles with controls on both. I sold the machine with the accessories to my friend who sold me her HQ16. I still have my other Juki 98E that I love to use for piecing. It consistently sews an even stitch. However, it does need to be cleaned and oiled regularly because it's strictly a mechanical machine (no computers). There is very little difference between the 98E and 98Q models. Hope this info helps.
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