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Default Sew Perfect vs. Sew-Ezi vs. Gidget I or II Tables

Hello everybody,

I am setting up my sewing room in our new house and looking for a table to put my embroidery machine on. The embroidery machine and its embroidery unit weigh 44 pounds and I am concerned about vibration when it's running.

A lot of you have posted enthusiastically about the Sew-Ezi and Gidget tables. I don't need portability. I also don't need a machine platform in the table for the machine, thus the Sew Perfect embroidery table is perfect but very pricy - it would be 2 to 3 times the price of the Sew-Ezi and Gidget. I could just raise up the machine platform to level on these two.

I wonder if any of you could comment on how stable they'd be for my situation.

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